Online Payments methods: 

There is different online payments options out there, I will start talking about the most popular options that the markets it is offering right now:


Credit Cards:  It is the widest payment method use at this time, allowing customers to charge on their credit cards the amount of the product that they are purchasing. The customer will provide you the information on their credit card in your order form and then the information will be checked on your payment processor. After this process if the payment was confirmed, the company that it is processing the customer’s payment will collect and transfer the money minus the fees to your bank account.

e-Checks: The customer introduces their account and routing number on your order form and then the company that it is taking and processing your online payments will check the funds and then minus the fees will transfer to your business account.

Pay-Pal: It is a alternative method that is not involving financial institutions. This system works differently, the way to work with Pay-Pal it is creating both customer and provider a Pay-Pal account, and then the payment will be transferred to the provider’s Pay-Pal account. Pay-Pal it is also offering for business owners, been the company that will provide you the payment processing and transferring.

Gift Cards: There is two different types of gift cards: store-specific gift cards or those ones  issued by financial institutions and credit cards companies.  With the store-specific gift cards you are only allow to spend it on that store. The gift cards issued by financial institutions or credit cards companies are like regular credit cards but with a limited amount on it.