E- Commerce:

Electronic Commerce (E-commerce or EC) it’s basically a electronic way to purchase items through the internet. You can purchase from goods until even cars. There is stores that are %100 online (online market) that only sells their products through their websites and there is actually stores that offer this kind of way to make your purchases.

Also you can sell your domestic products thru different e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and so on. Actually, now you can even sell your used products thru cellphone apps such as Letgo. Facebook just added a e-commerce page named “market place” that allows you to sell your pre owned products such as t-shirts, cars, motorcycles and more thru your Facebook profile, interesting… right?

Some of the functionalities that the E-commerce method has it is that you can buy something from another country without been there and ship it to your house for minimum fees. Now you can buy a traditional cup from China and get it in just a few days.

In addition, many of this websites are very safe for your purchases, but always double check, just in case. For example, if something happen with your transaction, PayPal will cover you after a short dispute.

Technology it is changing many aspects of our life, even the way how we buy our stuff. Technology will change even more our life, just take a look on Amazon, they just opened the first self service supermarket. You just walk in, take what you want and you will pay before you leave, everything monitoring thru cameras and scanners attached on the ceiling. The future it’s coming… are you ready?

M. N. Kowalczuk